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The man's blood boiled with passion.
And the girl with a smile on her lips
Said that she would allow herself to
Kiss, but only in two places.
Lol These bitches be killin me... they all in there cuttin up and see a mf come on there and run n hide!! Scary weak ass bitches. I swear!! You hoes font be layin like you be acting man. #Be Real No Matter What#GOALS
Whats good everyone!!! I just wanted to let everyone know that Im so enlightened when everytime I login, everyone starts freaking out and making the cameras face the ceiling or a wall. Lol!!! also I just for the record I dont know what any of you might think or have been told. But im very mich single, and not in any kind of relationship. Shot out to my FANS tho, keep showing your ass on here, and enjoy the humiliation you bring me